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Lewiston Tribune - Firefox Fix

E-Edition 2.0

If you are using Firefox and are experiencing problems with the e-edition, following these instructions will force Firefox to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader and should solve viewing problems.


Step 1
Firefox launched a new look for their browser. It can be noted by the lack of menus and a big Firefox button on the upper left of the page. If this is what you see, click the Firefox button. 
Hover over "Options" in the right column. Click on "Options" in the menu that pops out. 




Step 2

If you still see "Tools," click on it, then click "Options"





Step 3

Once you are in the "Options" menu, Click on the Applications tab. The PDF option you need won't be with the rest, and you will need to scroll down until you see "Portable Document Format (PDF)." To the right you will see "Preview in Firefox," Firefox assumes you would like to use their PDF viewer. Click on it and a dropdown menu will show up. Click on the downward arrow and select "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)." 

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